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Intended uses

Exterior Paving

Practicality, beauty and durability are the most important characteristics of porcelain pavers for use in exterior spaces. Outdoor applications of porcelain tiles include green spaces such as parks and gardens, vehicular areas such as driveways and garages, and partially covered spaces such as balconies, terraces and porches in residential, public and commercial contexts.

Porcelain surfaces for outdoor applications come in a wide range of wood, stone, marble, concrete and metal effects in thicknesses ranging from 9 mm to 20 mm. They can be used to create outdoor spaces that maintain seamless aesthetic continuity with the interior floors and with other indoor design materials. They also serve to create covered sections of walls, outdoor kitchens, tables, benches and other furnishings used for entertaining guests or for enjoying moments of pure relaxation.

Due to its technical characteristics, porcelain is non-deformable and frost-resistant, which means it is unaffected by ice or the elements. The R11 grip surface designed for outdoor paving collections ensure a high level of slip resistance and safety even in specialised applications such as the area around swimming pools. Moreover, porcelain does not change colour due to UV radiation and has outstanding chemical resistance, maintaining its aesthetic qualities for a long period of time.