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Sustainability and safety

The "Made in Italy" label stands for high manufacturing quality as well as a system of values including protection of the environment, elimination of toxic materials from the production cycle, the guarantee of greater workplace safety and constant attention to sustainable product development and levels of performance that exceed sector standards.

Low emission levels

The emissions from ABK GROUP's production plants remain consistently below the limits permitted by current regulations

Water recycling

Zero water is discharged into the environment: at ABK GROUP water is entirely reused in the industrial process.

Reuse of processing residues

All processing residues of glazes and raw materials are reused in the manufacturing cycle.

Reduced energy consumption

Reduction in energy consumption through devices for recovering heat from plants.


ABK GROUP's concrete commitment to sustainability continues thanks to the exclusive ECO-BODY mixes, containing a minimum of 40% of high quality raw materials, recovered from external and internal processing, used for several collections in this catalogue. The value of this percentage is guaranteed by Bureau Veritas, which certifies the ECO-BODY mixture. This feature allows our products to be included in the calculation of credits for the LEED building certification. You can download the complete list of ECOBODY products in the download area on the ABK GROUP website.