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Use of large slabs

Bathroom furnishings

Bathrooms are increasingly being custom designed with tailor-made solutions based on large porcelain slabs and panels. Bathroom furnishing elements such as washbasins, shelves, shower trays and bathtubs can be produced with the desired aesthetics and proportions to create stylish contrasts or sophisticated combinations of materials and colours with the floors and walls.

Along with the possibility of creating custom furnishing elements from large slabs, ABK GROUP also offers Bath Design, a complete bathroom furniture line with clean and essential styling clad entirely with porcelain surfaces in all available material effects, which can easily be adapted to different tastes and styles. The result is a new integrated design concept that covers all bathroom surfaces in keeping with the mix&match philosophy.

Durable, hard-wearing, waterproof and easy to clean, porcelain maintains its performance characteristics even after being converted from a slab to a furnishing element, thereby enhancing the functionality of this very important space in residential and public buildings.

Large-size slabs are used to customise bathroom design

The extensive selection of WIDE slabs serves to create unique and exclusive bathrooms in keeping with a mix&match philosophy, while the on-demand approach allows for customised furnishings in terms of both mood and dimensions.