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Porcelain tile for all needs

Located in the heart of Italy’s Emilia region, ABK GROUP produces porcelain floor and wall tiles and large-size surfaces for use in interior design and outdoor applications.

ABK GROUP’s philosophy is centred around its ability to reinvent itself in step with changing tastes and an evolving market. As a result, the company is able to meet all design requirements through ongoing collaboration with designers and architects. ABK GROUP’s ceramic tile collections make up a moodboard of colours, sizes, surfaces, finishes and decorations that enormously expand the aesthetic potential of porcelain for any intended use.

Growth and innovation

ABK GROUP’s journey began back in 1992 when it made its official debut as a company specialising in the production of double-fired ceramic wall tiles.

Following a series of strategic acquisitions, ABK GROUP began producing porcelain floor tiles with a focus on the maximum aesthetic and functional quality, in step with and sometimes ahead of market trends.

ABK GROUP consists of the brands ABK, Flaviker, Ariana and Hard Koll, each of which has its own area of specialisation and the ability to deliver specific solutions for the building sector, including both residential and commercial applications. The group also exploits the new opportunities offered by large surfaces up to 160x320 cm in size and with a thickness of just 6 mm, ideal for use in the world of furnishings, especially in the bathroom.

A new idea of ceramics, Made in Emilia

ABK GROUP is deeply rooted in Italian industrial ceramic culture, particularly that of the Emilia region where it is based. All collections are designed and produced entirely within the group and offer an original vision of distinctive and meticulously crafted ceramic products. By interpreting different styles, they are able to provide a full range of solutions in terms of aesthetics, size and intended use.

At ABK GROUP, the Made in Italy concept is also expressed through the use of advanced production technologies that are consistent with the excellence of Italy’s world-famous style. As a result, the ABK Group is authorised to use the “Ceramics of Italy” mark, which represents the Italian ceramic industry worldwide and guarantees place of origin and production, commercial transparency and attention to consumer choices.

ABK GROUP caters for both professionals and the general public by combining creativity and practicality. The product range is envisaged as a system of interchangeable surfaces that can be easily coordinated thanks to the modularity of the sizes and colour palette.


  • 5,000 global commercial partners
  • Products sold in more than 90 countries worldwide
  • More than 600 employees and external consultants
  • Average employee age of 35
  • 2 logistics centres (Solignano and Fiorano Modenese for ceramic products, Corigliano Calabro for Hardkoll)
  • 3 production facilities, including 2 porcelain tile production plants located in Finale Emilia and Solignano (MO)
  • 3 warehouses (total surface area more than 118,000 sq.m)
  • More than 45 separate ceramic collections
  • 80% of the range produced with Eco-Body containing a minimum of 40% recycled raw materials.


ABK Ceramiche

At its facilities in the heart of the Emilia region, ABK produces floor and wall tiles and large-size porcelain slabs ideal for use in indoor and outdoor spaces and inspired by the latest trends in the worlds of interior and graphic design.
At ABK we provide distinctive and original solutions for the home, retail and public space design, supplying designers and retailers with cutting-edge products that combine sophisticated aesthetics with outstanding technical performance. Our floor and wall tiles and porcelain slabs for interior and exterior applications are available in extra-thick versions and include modular and flexible solutions. As well as catering for contemporary taste and many different applications, the ABK range is a unique set of materials that can easily be coordinated amongst themselves in terms of style, colour and size in keeping with a customizable design approach.

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Flaviker Ecoceramics

A world-famous Italian ceramic producer, Flaviker is renowned for its quality, innovation, eco-sustainability and constantly evolving style. It specialises in contemporary porcelain surfaces, delivering high-performance products with cutting-edge aesthetics and technology in a constantly expanding range of sizes and finishes. Drawing from multiple inspirations, the sheer breadth of its range makes it particularly suitable for complete residential and public projects. Its architectural surfaces reproduce an array of different materials including concrete, stone, marble and plain colours and are ideal for use both as individual wall coverings and as mix-and-match solutions for a total crossover effect. Each individual collection becomes a highly versatile tool in the hands of an architect, bringing a distinctive look to residential projects and public and commercial spaces. Utilising the manufacturing expertise acquired throughout its history, Flaviker combines aesthetic excellence with technological innovation to offer sizes ranging from large tiles to flexible ceramic planks and extra-thick slabs for outdoor use.

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Desvres Ariana

With their exceptional decorative potential and ease of coordination, these surfaces are ideal for home and bathroom design, as well as hospitality spaces in both the retail and hotel sectors. The Desvres Ariana range reproduces traditional home design materials, including striking wood effects and patterns inspired by natural stone and high-quality marble. It also features more unusual surfaces inspired by fabric and leather aimed at architects, interior designers and trend-conscious consumers. Desvres Ariana: green building and ever higher sustainability standards.

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Endless beauty


ABKSTONE further develops the broad lifestyle concept first introduced by the porcelain floor and wall specialist ABK, offering a selection of hi-tech surfaces available in 3 different thicknesses (6, 12 and 20 mm) in line with the trends and requirements of contemporary building. ABKSTONE slabs display an astonishing ability to reproduce the elegance of marble, the natural look of stone and the contemporary character of concrete and metals. They come in a multitude of glossy and satin surfaces and are ideal for furnishing applications, especially kitchen and bathroom tops, and any other solution created by the imagination of interior designers.

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Slab in evolution


The MATERIA project is based on 100% Italian technological innovation and stylistic research in the field of surfaces. Available in three different thicknesses, 6, 12 and 20 mm, MATERIA slabs, in line with the trends and requirements of contemporary building, meet the needs of professionals working in various areas of design, from interior and exterior floor and façade installation to the construction of bathroom and kitchen tops and furnishing elements in general. As a result, MATERIA delivers the perfect combination of style and practicality for the worktop segment.

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